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Experience of hope

I began this journey of signing up to be an egg donor after reading an article in a magazine (How crazy that you find strange things you've never thought of in strange places that could change your life forever!)  About a year and a bit after joining, I never thought that I would get the message that I did from Jenny; someone had chosen ME to be their egg donor, words can't describe how you feel in that moment!

My experience allowed me to travel down to Cape Town, where I did a day trip for screening at the fertility clinic in Claremont, let me just say, their doctors are PHENOMENAL! I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Oosthuizen who was so friendly and professional when doing the scans, down to the nurses/ personnel who explain the details of what being a donor entails and the injection process, they all impacted and confirmed my decision that this is what I wanted to follow through with!

My second trip consisted of more frequent visits to the clinic for check ups whilst I was administering the injections (honestly they were easy peasy, instructions simple to follow, pain free and did not leave any visible markings, only symptom I had was feeling a bit bloated like I was on my period).

Dr Oosthuizen kept me up to date with the progress of my eggs, I think when you choose to do this (not only for yourself as a feel good act but also for your recipient), you need to be completely involved with the process and committed to giving the healthiest eggs possible for hope & love!  I also saw Dr Matebese who did the final scope of my eggs and gave me the go ahead for retrieval, both doctors were amazing and super friendly both inside their offices and outside!  I saw Dr Matebese bright and early on the morning of my retrieval, I couldn't believe how fast this has all happened, thank you Dr for the quick and painless 'procedure', your care was beyond professional!  I was under anesthetic for less than 30 minutes, probably the best sleep I've ever had!  As mentioned I felt NO pain except some cramps for an hour after (probably from being so hungry!)  However I was allowed to go home, eat, some pain medication was given and I rested up.  Once again, I was treated with so much care before, after and throughout the entire proces. I am proud to say that I am a first time donor!

baby2mom has been exceptional to 'work' with, Jenny had planned all my trips to make this possible, checked up on me constantly and ensured every little detail was taken care of!  The 'behind the scenes' is all thanks to Jenny 💙

Throughout this journey I felt like I was needed as a person, I was needed to give someone else a chance in bringing life into their lives! I truly hope my recipient gets some success from the retrieval of my eggs and I just want to thank her for choosing me and allowing me to experience this feeling of giving!  My recipient was amazing to me even though I do not know her, thank you to this lovely stranger for giving me a chance to change your life!  (Especially taking a chance on a first time donor, I hope to make you proud!)

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