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Second Chances

Being a donor is more than just giving eggs.   Well it means more to me than that.  We all deserve second, third even forth chances at something we really want.

Seeing people happy is what fuels me.  Giving someone a chance at motherhood and making a difference in their lives makes me happy.  I would say that my donation journey was rather smooth.  Being a first time donor, I had a few scares.  All of that changed, I had a good support system as well as a comfortable environment for my consultations.

Surprisingly I  wasn't scared when I went for the retrieval.  I was in a lot of pain after the retrieval, but it was temporary pain that passed after 2 days.  Knowing I brought a couple a lifetime joy made it easier to get through.

Three words I would like to say to my recipient, "Welcome to Motherhood. "

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