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Six Egg Donations and Six Pregnancies!

Hi Ladies,

I have been a donor since 2012 and I have done 6 egg donations.  I am very happy that I have helped someone to feel something growing inside them.  It is every woman's dream to feel a baby growing inside of her.  Just the thought of helping someone is a way no-one ells can makes me feel pretty good about myself.

My children mean the whole world to me and I cannot imagine my life without them.  I believe every woman should at least experience one pregnancy.

Any woman should consider donating her eggs,even if you just do it once.  To you they are just eggs, you don't even think about them, but to another they mean the world.  I am terrified of needles and let me tell you that I didn't even feel the injections once.  I injected myself many times.  No pain at all.  If I could I would do all 6 egg donations all over again, just for that feeling of helping someone's dream come true, I would. 

I wish a good and happy life full of love and happiness to all my recipients and  to all the egg donors or undecided donors please do it again, it is worth every moment of your time.

Thanks again for the lovely opportunity of helping someone in a very special way.  All my love.

I chose this picture as it symbolises giving, you see the ladies hand, it looks like it is giving the baby feet to someone.

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