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So Grateful

It is the day to test after an extensive period of struggling to conceive, the wait is finally over..

Good morning Jenny, just to let you know that my nerves got the better of me this morning.   My HCG Blood test is scheduled for today, but I took a home pregnancy test and it is POSITIVE.  I will let you know later today to confirm it once I get a result from my beta test.  We certainly serve an Amazing God, who answers our prayers in His time and not our own.  We are quietly very excited and forever grateful to our donor lady.  Xxx

Will let you know as soon as I have confirmation from Fembryo when they phone me.  Have a lovely day.  Much love xxx

Some time later, bloods are in...

Good morning Jenny, just to let you know that I have just got the call from Fembryo Fertility Clinic to confirm that I am officially pregnant.  Please would you be so kind to let our precious donor lady know that she has Blessed my Husband and I with the gift of a pregnancy with her selfless gift to us.  We promise to cherish and love her gift to us.  My husband and I are so Blessed  and grateful that we can share our wonderful news with you that we are going to be a Mommy and Daddy.  May all the Glory be to God. Thank you to you, Jenny and our Donor lady.  Much love always.

We have waled a very long road full of heatache and disappointments.  Today's news make it all wotth the while.  We woudl not have been promoted to a Mommy and Daddy if it were not thanks to baby2mom, our precious donor lady and the gracious hand of our Lord.  Thank you so much for everything.  Much love always.

It's the best feeling ever.  I have never felt so grateful in my life.  Everything just feel into place in God's time.  I am grateful that I have been guided to use baby2mom.  It was the best decision.  thank you so much for your part in our journey and for recommending our previous donor lady.  Today I am promoted to a Mommy to be!

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