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How Donating Eggs Grows You as A Woman

I can't believe this moment is finally here, I never thought this day would I see the day.  I'm about to fly to Cape Town to give the best gift I have ever given in my life.  There is so much running through my mind right now.  I was warmly welcomed at the B&B and immediately felt at home.

Had my first appointment with Dr Heylen, I was a bit shocked that my doctor would be a man (who wouldn't) but he made me feel extremely comfortable.  He asked about my background and made me feel like he truly cared about making this experience as conformable as possible.  Of course the scan takes some getting used to but it is worth it.  I can't help but think back to when I began taking my injections, needles used to scare me.  I remember looking and the needle and thinking " oh my goodness, I can't do this", but now it's become fun in a way.

Had another scan this morning, apparently I have a lot of follicles developing (which is a good thing).  Hearing that just made me more excited about this donation.  It's honestly brightened up my day.  I also took some time out to do some sightseeing today (it's Cape Town, so why not).  I got on to a boat for the first time and got to eat some lovely food.

So it has been confirmed, the egg retrieval will be done on Friday morning.  I can't explain how I feel right now, this has been an emotional ride for me (mostly because of the injections, I think) because at the end of the day, I am changing someone's life for the better.  That, for me, has made all of this worth my while.  Jenny has also made this experience great because she literally checks up on me every day (which I appreciate).

So today is the day, I couldn't sleep last night mostly because I was excited.  I've never had surgery before so I'm curious.
I got to the clinic and was greeted by Dr Heylen's receptionist (who I have gotten to know over the past few visits) and was shown where to go to prep myself.  I then met the 2 nurses who made me feel extremely comfortable.  The operation it's is obviously a blur, I remember the anaesthesiologist telling me the anaesthesia would kick in and before I knew it I was gone.  When I woke up, the first thing I thought was "no they can't be done already".  The nurse was very nice to me and gave me a muffin (I'm a sugar addict, don't judge) and something for the cramping. In less that 40 minutes I had regained my full strength and was back up on my feet.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Jenny for guiding me through this process.  But most of all I would like to thank the recipient for choosing me.  I have grown so much as a woman because of you (even though I'll never know you).  I hope you are blessed with happiness and love.

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