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The Increasing Plight of Infertility

Infertility is the inability to conceive or have a baby after normal or deliberate efforts have been undertaken to beome pregnant.

Various statistics indicate differing views and aspects, but the norm is that men and woman struggle equally from infertility, in some cases both partners struggle and there are situations where people cannot have a baby for unknow or unidentified medical reasons.

Men can have a low sperm count or sperm that are inferior in terms of their mobility.

Woman can have uterine complications - preventing the implantation or carrying of baby to term as well as tubal difficulties.  Ovaries and egg challenges are very often related to age.  Woman's age adversely impacts on the ability to conceive.  It is in cases like these, that older woman will turn to egg donors to assist.  With men and age, it is not well defined that sperm deteriorates with age.

Sadly the plight of infertility is on the increase worldwide for many known and unknown reasons.  The onset of age impact egg quality poses a real challenge for woman who would prefer to conceive at a little more mature age.  Fortunately egg donation is a solution in this regard.  Pollution, artificial hormones in food, poor lifestyle, genetics, disease, toxins incluidng smoking and other factors can contribute to infertility too.

Emotionally infertility is extremely difficult to tend with as conception is deemed as the most natual deed in the world and often an assumption is made that infertility is not an issue at all.  When known, it may be inconceiveable for the persons faced with infertility as well as others to face the topic to talk and offer support.  So many times, one family will be blessed with multiple children and the other will be inflcted with the pain and ongoing struggle of trying to conceive one child.  Because it has been so easy, natural, even unplanned for other families, it is very difficult to relate to fellow family/ friends who struggle with the complete opposite.

Fortunately infertility has solutions in the form of IVF treatments, specialised fertility options including egg donation, surrogacy, donor sperm, ICSI and other treatments specific to the cause of the patient.  South Africa is regarded as a leader in formidable and advanced professional fertility treatments involving all these specialised options and considered a highly sought after option worldwide.

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