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The doctor was such a sweetheart

Donating my eggs was something I had contemplated for a long time and my final decision was purely spiritual.  I eventually registered with baby2mom egg donor agency in January 2019 and fortunately, my application was accepted and I officially became a baby2mom egg donor.

The following month I was told that a recipient had selected me for the donation.  

Jenny Currie contacted me and explained everything to me and made sure that all my questions were answered.  I then proceeded with the medical and psychological screening process.  After successful screening tests, I immediately started fertility treatment and was on it for about 10 days.  My doctor was such a sweetheart, she always told me how happy she was when she saw my scans during our appointments.

On egg retrieval day, I arrived at the hospital for admission around 8am.  The hospital staff were friendly and made sure I was as comfortable as possible.  After the procedure, they continued to assist me in recovering, I was so thankful for them. When I finally got home, I received beautiful flowers from Jenny and that made me feel a whole lot better:)

I would positively recommend baby2mom to individuals wishing to donate eggs.  The experience was amazing and the people I met were wonderful.

Thank you Jenny Currie🙂

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