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The Low Down on Egg Donation and Genetics

If you are interested in egg donation and are concerned about diabetes, whether you are considering becoming an egg donor or interested in an egg donor profile who has a medical history of diabetes recorded in her family. 

Here are the facts as secured from a medical professional specialist on egg donation and diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes is the genetic one.  This is evident early in life and may be carried over.

Type 2 diabetes is as a result of lifestyle and damage to the body.  This is not genetic.

In determining whether diabetes is genetic, it is important to understand when the diabetes started.  Development of diabetes later in life is an indication that this is not genetic.

Here is a clear example.  An egg donation recipient is interested in an egg donor who reports a history of diabetes.  The egg donor's father has diabetes, which started about seven years ago.  The egg donor, being an honest woman of integrity reveals all facts.  A recipient is concerned about the genetic aspect of this.  No other persons in this donor's family report any incident of diabetes. 

A professional opinion confirms that this is in fact lifestyle diabetes, type 2 and not inheritable.

Of important also is to understand that even if the egg donor or her family reports type 1 diabetes, whether this is actually inheritable or transferable through the genes is not a clear cut answer and based on several other medical factors.

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