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Trying and trying

Heros are those who continue to be human in extraordinary times.

Who are the heroes in fertility treatments?  Today we think of the many who continue to have hope and faith when life presents a multitude of struggles, when the divine timing is slightly off.

These struggles impact emotionally and financially in a very trying way.

Amazingly, the people imflicted with continued struggles happen to be of the most inspiring and meaningful people I have ever met.  My life would be a little less having not crossed their paths.  They are purposeful, loving, gentle and understanding.  they have hope and belief in their miracle and never give up.

Today, my heart aches a little thinking of the many who have struggled to conceive and despite several egg donation treatments, they are met with a negative result.  Evereyone involved feels this pain.

Worth mentioning is that often when these souls who seem to have struggled even more than others are blessed with a pregnancy, it is often a multiple one - leaving us to accept the timing of miracles and know that the plan and decision is always a divine one.  The learning is to be available for miracles and to yield to difficult times. 

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