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What is Egg Donation

Egg donation is the gift of an egg (or multiple donor eggs) from one person to another.  The egg donation is undertaken through IVF and in South Africa, egg donation is required to be an anonymous process.
Egg donation involves a halthy young woman aged between 18 and 34 who consents to donate her eggs and understands what this process entails.  All egg donors are adequately counselled and supported through the process of egg donation.  Partaking in an egg donor program does not compromise their own fertility, but egg donors do need to understand that they are giving away their genetics and no contact is allowed between children conceived of donor eggs/ egg donation recipients and the egg donors.  This legality is supported by the fact that no egg donor registry exists, although the number of egg donations is limited and guided by Sasreg guidelines (a body overseeing egg donation in South Africa).
Recipients of egg donation undergo an IVF as if it were a normal IVF, but their bodies are not stimulated to produce eggs, only to receive and support the pregnancy.
Persons typically needing egg donation are those in premature menopause, menopause, premature ovarian failure, persons predisposed to genetic concerns, poor or absent ovarian reserve, male recipients without female partners and those who cannot conceive with their own eggs.
Egg donation is a beautiful deed.  It is the gift of life, the gift that can be given whilst egg donors are alive and makes a lifelong difference. 
Egg donation is a miracle that heals people and unites people.

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