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Why be an Egg Donor

My main motivation for donating was so that woman can be helped to have a child.  I am helping her fulfil her deepest wish and enabling her to give a lifetime of kindness and love to another human being. How amazing is that?

Secondly it was an opportunity for me to give, I don't have much spare money so I try to be more generous of spirit and this is an opportunity for me to give something tangible, I don't consider 'my' eggs to be precious, but I understand that they might be to someone else who needs a donor egg.  I feel so honoured to be part of something so life changing and I wish my recipient all the best and she gets everything she deserves.                                                               

Warmest regards,

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  • Organs Donation Center

    2/2/2020 5:13:37 PM | Reply

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