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Taking the Pill as an Egg Donor

The contraceptive pill is an integral part of the egg donation process.

Essentially we are working with two bodies to be aligned.  In normal baby-making, the uterus and ovaries are aligned to work together in preparation for pregnancy.  During an egg donation cycle, the uterus of the recipient needs to be synchronised with the ovarian function of the egg donor.  The pill works to do this job.  Accordingly, it is vital that parties to egg donation proceed exactly as instructed.

The active pills will keep the uterine lining and prevent it from shedding.  It will also stop the body from releasing the eggs.

The pill is an ideal contraceptive to be used when being an egg donor.

To our egg donors and recipients, if your pill finishes before the instructed date, please check with the fertility sister about getting a prescription for a new packet.  Please also check whether the instructions to take the pill are only for th active ones.  Sometimes the inactive or sugar pills are cut out of the pack!

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