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With Love From Your Donor

To my recipient,


First of all I would like to thank you for the beautiful gift you left me at the clinic.  It was totally unexpected but greatly appreciated.  It truly is lovely and it was genuinely a heart-warming gesture. Whenever I wear it I’ll think of the kind-hearted giving person from whom I received it.


It gives me great joy to know that I possibly helped good people to realise their dream of having a family.  It makes every part of it worth it.  I truly hope the procedure was a success and that the children you’ll have in future will bring you nothing but happiness and add joy to your life.  I pray you raise them to be strong, loving, honest and kind.


As I understand from my agency, you have many miles to travel.  May your journey be a safe and prosperous one.  My wishes for you cannot be transformed into words, but still as a tradition let me write, may you have all the happiness and good luck in the world for all your pursuits in life.


With love,

Your donor


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