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Women's Wellness Day

What a treat and honour to participate in the Women's Wellness Day in Port Elizabeth on the 8 November 2014, at the Granary.

It was so special to see how the Fembryo Fertility Clinic dedicated an entire function to celebrating woman and their admirable contribution to the world.

Apart from the attractive inviting setting, the topics covered and contributions made were absolutely valuable, enjoyable and utterly enlightening.

The morning was chaired by Hilda Bouwer, who went to great efforts to make one hundred percent sure that the morning ran smoothly and all were well received and hosted.  Hilda highlighted that Fembryo stands out from other fertility clinics because of its dedication, caring and individualised approach to patients and their wellbeing and this remains is core offering.

Dr Wendy Sieg was the first speaker giving a truly informative session on Contraceptives and Career Versus Fertility.  Her extensive knowledge on the history of contraceptives, efficacy, costs, side effects and target markets was utterly captivating for the female audience.  There is no doubt that persons seeking contraceptive options will be well advised considering their lifestlye and adequately coached and counselled in their very best interests. 

Dr Danie Botha, specialist in reproductive medicine, introduced the next topic covering the special offerings of Fembryo, which I came to understand stands for Female Embryo.  The Fembryo Clinic is also known as a Female Wellness Clinic, so the name is so apt.

Dr Botha opened his talk with a very disturbing biblical story where a woman was severly abused and traumatised resulting in her death so that a man could be spared, all pointing to the devastating undermining of females over the ages.  It is heartwarming to see how woman have progressed to receive a more respected and appreciated role in the world, considering topics such as equal rights, their role in the work force etc.  However it was highlighted that woman continue to contribute more working hours and even greater productivity in the workforce but do not necessarily enjoy the same income benefits.

A highly upsetting fact covered was the continued practice of female cicumcision, especially in highly unhygienic and brutal circumstances, all so that woman may not derive any sexual pleasure and to make these innocent girls the property of men.  One is left with an absolute sense of nausea and horror that such shameless acts continue, primarily in Africa.  Sadly, this female genital mutilation is largely targeted to newborns to girls in puberty obviously against their wishes and understanding.  It is unmistakenly a devastating fact and very danegrous.  baby2mom supports this stand against female genital mutilation unequivocally. 

The message was well received that despite difficulties modern woman face, there will always be others are in a far worse predicament and I felt humbled and in awe of such a blessed clinic who took time out to increase awareness of this serious plight.

Fembryo offers a full service to woman, including fertility services, thereby also considering the aspects required for men.  Naturally the fertility services extend to include egg donation for woman in a specific category.

Dr Botha gave some very positive news on egg freezing options for cancer sufferers and reported a very close relationship with the local oncologist to ensure woman facing cancer news are also adequately informed about means to preserve their fertility.

The third speaker was Dr Joubert, professional plastic surgeon.  His overview was highly empowering indicating the various non-invasive options for woman to consider to look after their physical appearances, which in turn impact on their self esteem.  Options also included restorative options for cancer sufferers with the focus on as natural as possible.

Dr Botha provided an overview of his team and their key contributions. 

Although not a speaker, Kathleen is part of the heart of Fembryo, passionate, crucial and patient-fixated, thus integral to this caring and not only giving, but loving environment.

Very humbling and of course factual, he reminded the audience that once Michelle and Wilhelm have carefully undertaken the embryology work, the dividing of the fertilised egg into a two celled, four celled, eight celled and everntually to a blastocyste where the number of cells can no longer be counted is the Divine Factor.  The clinic cannot make babies, their role is to faciliate this special and beautiful process.

I don't think I can recall ever having attended such a caring, informative, interesting and giving function and feel so privilidged to be so closely associated with this amazing clinicContact baby2mom for more info about Fembryo Fertility.

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