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You Are What You Eat

Ingesting wholesome fresh food from the earth means increasing your oxygen flow in your system, which is essentially maintaining and healing your body.

Once you embark on the journey of becoming conscious about what you put into your precious body, your mind and soul awaken on a different level.

It is completely invigorating and exciting to connect with our food in such a special way.  Look at this nutritious filling meal, ideal in this heat wave.

Raw carrot and yellow pepper soup, creamed by raw cashew nuts and garnished with sprouted quinoa and fresh basil.  I could continue to elaborate on the high vitamin C value, antioxidants, healing powers and general feel goodness of wonderful eating in this way.  The reality is to become respectful of yourself and you will realise what a favour you are doing when you treat yourself to natural sweet wonders of the earth.

Additional beneits of weight loss, saving money are just supplementary.

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