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A little about baby2mom in 2019

baby2mom opened its doors in 2007 and twelve years later has personally facilitated nearly 1,900 egg donation cycles.  baby2mom offers a highly personalised quality service and closely involved in every detail of the egg donor process. 


Requests to access the egg donor profiles immediately gives recipients an option to see at least 450 possible donor profiles with direct link to the full profile of each of these donors.


A very vibrant and active blog has been in existence for over a decade, made up of posts of egg donors and interesting updates of egg donation in South Africa.  This blog is also voted the top egg donor blog worldwide.


baby2mom has an extensive testimonial page going back over ten years on the heartwarming Heart of baby2mom.


baby2mom has built and sustained solid relationships with fertility clinics in South Africa to give recipients the best chance of conception and to care for the fabulously selfless egg donors who go over and beyond. 


Hundreds of pregnancies have resulted and families have left fulfilled and complete.   Egg donation is a solution for ladies who have heard the shattering news that they are infertile.  Fortunately a solution in the form of egg donation is possible.  Ladies have the option to select an egg donor who is similar to them, conceive with the gift of a donor egg and proceed to have a pregnancy without any further consideration to the egg donation.  This leaves the egg donor in a position to proceed with her life without further responsibility and commitment (after the egg donation).  It also empowers the recipient to continue in their family without concern of divulging very confidential information.


Egg donation helps to heal and permits people to give and receive.  Ultimately the gift comes from God, the creator of life:

Psalm 139:13 for you formed my inwards parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.


To all our recipients – it will be a pleasure and privilege to assist you at this most precious time in your life.

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