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Egg donors become friends

Having the rare opportunity to truly make a difference in someone's life makes you appreciate what you have.  Being able to do it a second time was incredibly fulfilling.

I remember receiving the call from Jenny asking if I would feel comfortable donating again, and this time in the Cape.  I felt honoured and blessed to have this opportunity once again and said yes without hesitation.

My first trip was a day trip planed down to every minute on how I would spend my day.  From being picked up by the shuttle, to the flight and the appointments.  Every one treated me like royalty.  My top point of the day was on the return flight.  I sat across the wing and got "in case of emergency" training.

Second trip went just as accordingly.  Time kept to a T!

Driven around like royalty and the lodge having kept a room I could swear was built for me.  Feusha.

As luck would have it i made a friend let's call her Y.  She was going through the same prosess as I.  It was her first time.  Amazingly all our dates lined up.  We started planing a few trips together for the time we would be there, starting it off with a strole through the Claremont gardens.  Stunningly enough the garden has 5 worldly acknowledged trees that varied in tipe size and magnitude.  These trees made me think of the ripple effect Y and I would be creating with our donations.  Might be just a little egg but it will turn into someone having a baby who will have children and grandchildren.

Our days went by so fast and soon it was the day before donations.  One of the best parts of having someone there with you is being able to compare notes and help keep you awake when your meds needs to be taken at odd hours of the day.  Y was pretty good at conversing so that helped for sure!

Our last day together started rainy and we thought our picknick would rain out but turns out it was washing away the old to prepare for the new.  We stroled through the gardens one last time and got some wonderful shots for keepsake.  We shared our last meal at " banana jam cafe", the shop was not what we expected or what it sounds like but we agreed it was even better!  We shared taccos and had some blue berry sluchys.

Donation day came and Y was first to go into theatre, as I was about to go in she started comming to and we had such a pleasant conversation the nurses thought we were family, though to me im sure a made a good friend.

My return trip was both sad and happy as I couldn't wait to be home in my own bed, but sad to leave behind all the wonderful people I had met from my warm and compassionate doctor, to the sweet and caring lodge owner and the most interesting person and friend, Y.

The best gift is the one you give.  Nothing fills the heart with more love than that of a gift given to someone who appreciates it.  So lucky to have been blessed to help once again.

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