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Can't wait to donate again

My first time donating and making a friend as an egg donor, was such a surprise to find out that there is another donor with me and that I'm not alone... Let's call her N, such a nice friendly girl and we are the same age... Our appointments were close enough so we where always there to support one another, it is such a beautiful thing to share and to talk about the experience together and N also taught me alot, she will be a person I will never forget. Not only for her, but the whole experience at the Cape Fertility was amazing, all the support and friendly staff make you feel like you are a hero.  It's sad when leaving and the process is done, because they are just there every step of the way...
From leaving home, the airport, shuttle service, lodge where you stay everything is planned and ready for you, and it's only a 400m walk to the clinic and the auntie at the lodge is just as supportive.

As the journey continues, the injections got more as well as odd hours to take them, but with a friend by your side that always reminded you, help so much that both of you don't miss out.

We shared a few fantastic moments, had a walk in the park, went for virgin cocktails and simply embraced the moments.

After all, it is a wonderful experience and everything goes so smoothly and timely.

Also, just want to thank Jenny and her team for also being there every step of the way and always supporting me no matter what...This is a blessed moment and who everyone can feel proud, as not only did you make a difference, you helped someone with the best blessing ever... Can't wait for my next donation.

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