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Angels, Miracle and Babies

I am lucky to have had the opportunity to donate now for the fourth time.  Every time I get asked to submit a write-up I freeze up in terror thinking I wouldn't know what to say.  I decided beforehand that this time it would be different and that I will submit a great write up after the procedure. After all, it is such a magnificent concept and with each donation I have become more and more comfortable with the process, confident in myself, the clinic and my recipient's choice.

So even if I never become the pro I know I could (when it comes to write-ups) and what exact purpose they serve and to whom... I hope that this time, my write-up has improved in accordance with my experience as a baby2mom donor

I want to send my recipient all my love, respect and wish well words and in the same breath thank Jenny for believing in me and our other egg donors and for making these opportunities possible.

Feeling blessed to be alive.
Bless and be blessed.
From your lovely donor.

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