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Really Honoured

I am really honoured that you selected me as your egg donor.  I really pray hard about this and ask God to guide me and lead the way.  It took time though, so I automatically concluded that maybe I am not fit for this and it's a sign. LOL

Two to three weeks later I received a phone call from Jenny.  I had a whole lot of mixed emotions.  I was so nervous I won't lie.  Only to find that I would become part of a beautiful family that will support me throughout the whole process.  baby2mom is not just an organisation/ business, it's a wonderful family (if you get what I mean).  I felt so much love from Jenny that my nervous went away and I started to be so excited to be giving a beautiful gift to someone.  No wealth to amount to this beautiful gift.

I pray that God will be with you through this beautiful journey about which you are about to embark.  Let there be joy, peace love and wonderful adventures ahead.  I pray that you shower your gift with so much love and be there through thick and thin.  Your gift will come with a special touch that will light you up everytime you it him/her smile.

God please be with this wonderful family through everything and send your angels to watch them everyday.

Don't worry, I'm really pretty inside and out. Lol.

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