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Emotions Before Embarking on Egg Donation

Deciding to proceed with egg donation as the solution to conceive and the answer to a dream is a fundamental one.

Egg donation is only becoming a little more spoken about today, despite this is as the treatment for hundreds and thousands of people every year.  This is because it remains a very private and intimate fact.  In fact, South Africans embrace a culture of great privacy and generally select not to even share this with their parents or the child conceived in this special way.  My experience has found that persons from Europe debate this aspect a little further.

But why is the decision so private and so secretive is the question.  Well, really to procreate is exceptionally special, it is part of life and part of being human and more specifically with the eggs, a very significant part of being a woman.  The contribution to the creation of a mini me, a reminder of how this mom to be was as a child and the empowerment of being able to produce offspring are very important feelings. 

It often happens that woman struggle to conceive, visit their gynae to follow-up without any possible understanding or anticipation that egg donation may be mentioned and this can certainly be devastating and earth shattering.  It is lthe death of all the possibilities of having children that come from an individual.  Not being able to have children, the barrenness is devastating.  When it is the actual egg, the gamete that is involved - it also hits the emotions even more.  This is because it is the seed of the person.  

It is understandable that a mourning of these seeds happends and each person's mourning differs, depending on what else is happening in their life and the history of their lives.  Very often, only their successful conception can heal this.

Older woman may anticipate that egg donation is required or may also need to go through the learnings and appropriate understand of what this entails, but still certainly require a period of acceptance and readiness to accept and process this new information. 

So, egg donors who contribute to the help dont only give life as in their contribution of their seeds, they also help to heal this broken heart, anguish and anxiety evident after a person has heard this news.

Graciously and this is meant with the utmost of sincerity, egg donation is one of the most precious and beautiful ideas created, enabling emotional healing and uncovering the joy within a person.

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