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From a Mother of Twins

My twins are now three months old and it's exactly a year since my dear donor went through the injections to give me her eggs.  It's been an exciting but difficult year, but the two children that we have are the biggest and best gift we have ever recieved.  Every day I stare at my dear daughter and dear son in complete amazement.  The Lord has answered our prayers and we have two perfect children!  Having a baby was something we had longed for for such a long time and now we have two!  We often joke that having one baby must be boring!  At three months they are full of smiles and laughter, they are starting to grab things and both of them have strong legs for standing!!  There are many times I think of my dear donor, I feel a strong connection to her without ever knowing her.  I will be eternally grateful for the gift she has given.  People say that my daughter looks like my husband and my son looks like me.  This makes me laugh inside.  Whatever or whoever they look like doesn't matter, they are perfect in our eyes.

I treasure each day with these little ones, they are growing so fast, I often wish they could stay little but I know that it's the joy of watching them grow that makes parenting so rewarding.

Finally I want to give some advice to future parents.  When you get to the stage of implantation the doctor asks you if you want one or two embryos implanted.  I felt quite unprepared for answering that question.  For us, coming to the clinic involved a lot of time and expense which we couldn't easily repeat if the procedure had been unsuccessful therefore implanting two embryos was the best option for us.  I don't regret that decision but I think couples should be fully aware what having twins involves.  A twin pregnancy is much harder, I'm a strong and healthy woman but I struggled all the way through my pregnancy and only survived because my work is based from home.  When you carry twins it's not like having two smaller babies, you actually have two normal sized babies, this puts a huge strain on your body.  In the later part of the pregnancy you will have regular scans to ensure your babies are okay.  For me the birth was also complicated and I only survived because of excellent health care.  We were fortunate that our twins reached 36 weeks and didn't need to be put into the special care baby unit, however many sets of twins do come early and need extra care at the beginning, making for a difficult start.  Breastfeeding two babies is not easy, buying double of everything is expensive and caring for two at one time needs extra hands whether it be a family member or a nanny.  Twins creates a lot of attention, sometimes I feel like we have two celebrities!  Of course everybody asks if you have twins in your family.  I'm quite fortunate that we do have twins in our family but this could be awkward as I'm sure you don't want to be telling everyone your infertility story. 

Best wishes to you all.

From a happy mother of twins.

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