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Improve your egg quality

When donating your eggs, you may be prepped by the medical personnal on some health guidelines to improve your egg quality, to essentially give the recipient a better chance of conception.  Please consider these aspects seriously and with diligence if you are on an egg donation cycle.

An egg takes around 90 days to ripen, so ideally start employing healthier choices as soon as possible.  New evidence has indicated that ones biological age can differ from the chronological age and that it is in fact possible to improve egg quality.  The latter is an actual determination based on your actual age.  Biological age is an indication based on your health and lifestyle.  Some guidelines to improve egg quality and reduce biolgocal age are indicated.

  • Stop or cut down refined carbohydrates, consume food in its raw state or whole.  Limit the body's exposure to high sugar forming substances, which impact hormonal levels.
  • Cut down or reduce smoking.
  • Partake in whole grain and high fibre foods. 
  • Enjoy good fats, such as avocado, raw nuts, seeds and coconut oil.
  • Live in moderation with a healthy balance of rest, work and play.
  • Spend time with people who make you feel good and feed the soul with love and goodness.
  • Avoid toxic items and environments.
  • Consume foods high in anti-oxidants, like fresh and colourful vegetables.
  • No recreational drugs!
  • Extensive reports have been published around caffeine and trying to conceive which are not very positive.  For the limited period of being on an egg donation cycle, avoid or cut down excessive caffeine and stimulants, such as coffee and chocolate.  Avoid high evergy drinks containing large amounts of caffeine.
  • Consider a multi vitamin.  Omegas, vitamin D, folic acid and wheat grass are all positive supporting inputs to a diet.
  • Maintain optimial BMI weight and cut down if your body mass index is higher than 25.
  • Engage in regular healthy excerice - keeping the blood pumping ensures the body has a good flow of life.  Your body will be very grateful for this.

In a nutshell - eat well, cut down (or out) caffeine, smoking and refined carbohydrates (pizzas, ready made meals, white bread, etc) and dont over or under excercise.  Treat the body like the scantuary it is.

Over exercise, refined carbs and sugars , caffeine, smoking are the biggest culprits

Good luck, try your best and donate your eggs with passion!  This is a special privilige and warrants your best efforts.

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