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In the Waiting Room

Checking how our lovely eg donor is doing, she answers me, Jenny ...

If we got a letter from the LORD, it would read like this...

"MY CHILD, Do not worry about anything.  I will be merciful to you and bless you.  I will cause my face to shine upon you.  There is safety in abiding in the presence of God.  I AM your Fortress and your place of Refuge.  I AM, EL Shaddai, the God who is more than enough.  I AM that I AM, my name is a Place of Rest.

I AM, Jehovah Shammah, the Lord who is there. And I AM El Roi, the God who sees. I know every detail about you and what happens in your life.  I AM always with you, rest in my Name.  If you flew upon the morning's wings to the farthest horizon, even then I AM with you always.  I'll be there when you need me, when your heart is broken and when you need a friend.  I'll be there to comfort you and I will be your strength. I will protect you and guard you with my endless love.  Think on good things, the lovely and the good report.

All of your days are before me.  I have good plans for you, don't be afraid.  My plans are not for evil, but for good.  My thoughts of you are beautiful, lay down and rest in me.  Give to me your worries and cast yours cares at my feet.  Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter, you are never out of my sight and I AM Sovereign.

I will give you strength and make your way perfect. I will make your feet like hinds feet and set you upon the high places.  I will set you on high because you have known my name.  You will be lifted high above your enemies, I AM Jehovah Nissi, the Lord is your victory.  I will deliver you and honor you.  Don't fret or worry about anything.  Allow my peace to guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.  I will never forsake you. Trust in my love, even when your world seems like it's falling apart.  I AM the Faithful One.

Let go and surrender, trust in my ways.  So shall the earth worship my Name from the west and my Glory from the rising sun.  When the enemy comes in like a flood, I will lift up a standard against him.  You will be lifted up over the enemy attacks to be radiant and full of love. I am raising you up.  The Champion of Heaven has the victors crown.  The best restorations are yet to come.  My promises will prevail over your troublesome situations.

I will raise you over this and my Glory will be seen on you. T hen you shall see and become radiant and your heart shall swell with joy.  Remember who I AM, the Beginning and the End.  Trust me, dear heart, and surrender all your worries.  Let go completely and fall safely into my love.  My love will carry you and I will be your Shelter. Anchor your soul in me, Hope in my Name.  Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights.  Remember my Goodness.  Even up to the last moment, I will turn it all around.  Celebrate with me, beloved, this the day that the LORD has made, remember who wins this battle.  I give you REST." Amen & Amen!  Be Blessed!"

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