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What is the ideal profile of an egg donor?

Some relevant and important aspects to determine if you may qualify as an egg donor.

Egg donors are healthy woman aged between 18 and 34 who are mature and understand the generosity of egg donation.

Health wise - ladies need to be within a good BMI range.  Research has shown that the egg quality of woman who are too underweight or overweight may be compromised.  Potential egg donors may not carry any known genetic abnormalities, such as haemophilia, club foot, cleft lip or cystis fibrosis.  Woman need to test HIV negative.  Essentially our precious egg donors are giviing the chance to conceive so no infectious diseases should be carried over.

The process involved is very serious and impacts greatly on the lives of another, so responsiblity is viewed very seriously and the ability to comply with instructions is of paramount importance.  Taking and stopping pills and medication on specific days is key to the success of an egg donor cycle.  Our ladies need to be able to comply with such instructions and agree to proceed exactly as guided.

Maturity for independence - woman who sign up and commit to an egg donation need to be able to honour this committment and hold fast to this regardless of obstacles or adventures that may be presented.  They need to be able to make an adult decision and remain supportive of this throughout.  It is important for our your woman to know that this committment is unwaivered and this deed confirms to a person's faith, morals and any other guiding principles by which a person lives.

Reasonable responsibilities such as calling if running a few minutes late and keeping parties updated all contribute to good faith and a sense of trusthworthiness.

So, blue eyes or black hair are not essential to qualify.  Important traits are really healthy, age appropriate persons who can honour responsibilities.  If you think you can do this, find out more about being an egg donor.

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