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Truely Amazing

Good day to all.  I am an egg donor from Johannesburg who signed up some time back.  I assumed my application was unsuccessful, but I was wrong.

I was contacted by Jenny, a very sweet loving person, who was persistent with messages and calls until I finally took her call and agreed to fly down to Cape Town.  This would be my first time flying so nerves were done haha, but just as we were all set Jenny asked me to do a blood test, AMH test,wich I did the same day.

That test took 7 days and had me going mad, finally it came back and all was good so Jenny informed me of my new appointment and new flight date and time - 24 January 2017.  I agreed and waited excitedly to board my plane.  As I got to the airport, all was set and off I went.  When I landed I got informed my flight back was cancelled but they were so quick to sort it out immediately.  I met some amazing people - spoke to a lovely lady, Leanne and went for my medical by a fantastic doctor, Dr Matebese!  I really had one amazing experience and met so many new people. 

I now await going down again to donate my eggs!  It is truly an amazing experience.

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